Application Deadline: May 13, 2022
License Seminar and Board Interviews: July 21, 2022
  • License application – reviewed and initialed by your sectional presbyter

  • Two (2) photos - (applicant and spouse together, if married)

  • Insurance application/beneficiary form – (must be signed)

  • Application fee – $25.00 (payable to the UPCI)

  • One (1) credit check report – (information may be obtained through one of the following:

  • Background check report – Name search via form or online. *Note* Please complete the form and submit to the agency address [Mo. Hwy Patrol] listed on the form; there is a fee to be submitted to the agency. In turn, they will send the report to the MO District office as noted on the form. You may also submit the form and pay online. Once emailed to you, it can be forwarded to the District office.

  • Certificate of Completion from the UPCI’s Ministry Central program – This involves a cost of $350 for all levels of license.  Each level has 10 courses to complete at $35 per course.  You will receive a certificate of completion and a grading page when you have completed the courses. The grading page is preferred by the UPCI. Visit and press the Ministry Credential Training Tab (Red) and follow the prompts. Please be sure to select your desired license level before purchasing. *Effective February 28, 2019, the General Board decided that students who have graduated or will graduate from a UPCI-endorsed college by the end of 2021 are exempted from the required reading. This does not apply to someone graduating with an Associate Degree, but only to those who complete a 3-4 year degree program related to Theology, Biblical Studies, or Christian Ministry. Applicants must be within a semester of graduation to be eligible for this exemption.

  • UPCI Required Reading Checklist for your level of license.


NEW APPLICANTS(in addition to above)
  • Payment of first quarter budget fees – (payable to the UPCI)

    • Local – $93.50; General – $96.50; Ordination – $99.50

*The first quarter dues may be combined with the $25 application fee in one check made payable to the UPCI.​

  • Divorce documentation as prescribed in the UPCI manual – Article VII, Section 8 – Marriage and Divorce; (testimony and letter must be signed)

  • Confidential Bible College Report – If you attended a UPCI endorsed Bible School for at least one year, then all institutions must send us a Confidential Bible College Report. Urshan College/Gateway College may request the form at the following link:

  • Bankruptcy Explanation – if not already listed on application